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Moderator, Donna Dahl, Puerto Vallarta Writers Group 2020 to 2023, Passes the
Donna Dahl passed the baton as moderator to the next leaders of the Puerto Vallarta
Writers at the last meeting of the 2023 spring meeting. After holding the position since the
spring of 2020, it was an emotional event with close friends and colleagues in attendance.
Donna had been a member of the group for more than ten years and had been a speaker
as well as a panelist at the writers’ conference held years earlier.
What is so interesting about the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group is that it is an ad hoc group of
writers from around the world who gather every year during high season to share writing
and grow relationships in the writing community. The writing shared is as varied as any you
would find in a library and it is a delight to be surprised by the writing that is prepared for
reading at the weekly meetings.
When Donna Dahl accepted the invitation to be the moderator of the Puerto Vallarta Writers’
Group, she was at the helm of a group fully launched into the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders
before her had been the glue that kept the group together but they did not have the
challenge of conducting “virtual” meetings.
“During my tenure as the moderator, holding meetings was a challenge,” said Donna.
“Nonetheless, we carried on using Zoom to help us stay motivated to write and to help us
stay connected as a group. With members spread far and wide through many parts of the
world, some were not able to participate due to difficulties with Internet connections and
different time zones.”