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Don’t Settle For Less

Are you ready to make a difference

by writing your own Business Book?

Don’t settle for less.

Don’t settle for ordinary.

Working with

  • an award-winning Empowerment Coach

who has hundreds of thousands of published words under her belt,

  • an experienced self-published author

 who also happens to be an accomplished developmental editor and

  • a significantly recognized long-standing entrepreneur,

can mean the difference between success and something else entirely.

Charge Forward with confidence

Donna’s Book Building Road Map
is tailored to your needs

We start together by developing
your book building road map
using Donna’s system for writing success
based on:

* your goals

* your available time

* your talents and skills


An Array of Services

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  • Book Development Coaching
  • Developmental Editing
  • Manuscript Reviews
  • Document Reviews
  • Cover design
  • Interior design
  • Formatting
  • Training in self-publishing
  • Print-ready files for publishing
  • Print Broker services
  • Uploading EPUB FILE

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