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Donna P Dahl

World-Renowned Leadership Empowerment Coach and Book Development Coach


01. Strategic


Donna P. Dahl is an award-winning Empowerment Coach having won the Woman of Inspiration Award for Lifetime Achievement, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and the 100th Anniversary International Women’s Day Award for Outstanding Service to Business.

Donna is humbled by the numerous testimonials and recommendations posted online by both her clients and her peers. You will find them on Amazon and on public social media and networking sites like LinkedIn and Alignable.

02. Professional


Donna has not only written and self-published five self-empowerment books targeting entrepreneurs and those who are looking at reinventing themselves, but she has also written five other books including three mini-cookbooks.

Donna has been a newspaper editor and a professional journal and newsletter editor.

Donna was chosen as one of only 80 coaches from around the world who were featured in The Change Book Series. Her story appears in Edition number 4.

03. Loyal


Grammarly continually reminds Donna that she has scored in the high 90 percentages when it comes to the number of words that are generated at her computer weekly. She is a wordsmith not only in terms of her personal written output but also in terms of her skills as a developmental manuscript editor.

Her Master’s thesis of 169 pages needed only three sentences to be amended before being published.


Moderator, Donna Dahl, Puerto Vallarta Writers Group 2020 to 2023, Passes Baton

Donna Dahl passed the baton as moderator to the next leaders of the Puerto Vallarta Writers at the last meeting of the 2023 spring meeting. After holding the position since the spring of 2020, it was an emotional event with close friends and colleagues in attendance. Donna had been a member of the group for more than ten years and had been a speaker as well as a panelist at the writers’ conference held years earlier.

What is so interesting about the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group is that it is an ad hoc group of writers from around the world who gather every year during high season to share writing and grow relationships in the writing community. The writing shared is as varied as any you would find in a library and it is a delight to be surprised by the writing that is prepared for reading at the weekly meetings.

When Donna Dahl accepted the invitation to be the moderator of the Puerto Vallarta Writers’ Group, she was at the helm of a group fully launched into the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders before her had been the glue that kept the group together but they did not have the challenge of conducting “virtual” meetings.

“During my tenure as the moderator, holding meetings was a challenge,” said Donna. “Nonetheless, we carried on using Zoom to help us stay motivated to write and to help us stay connected as a group. With members spread far and wide through many parts of the world, some were not able to participate due to difficulties with Internet connections and different time zones.”

Donna Dahl Appeared at

International Professional Speakers Summit 

I spoke at the Professional Speakers Summit (An Online Event) which was LIVE from 6th July 2020 to 10th July 2020 where 100+ women in professional speaking were sharing their wisdom to start and grow businesses as professional speakers.

There was amazing content being shared in its true and authentic form. Never before did 100+ women in professional speaking from 21+ countries bring their wisdom to the world in a way that could be consumed by you in the comfort of your home. 



Her Favourite Book

Lessons I Learned

Donna says, “It’s hard to choose my favourite book from among those I have written. Lessons I Learned from the Tortoise has so many five-star reviews on Amazon. Empowering the Leader Within You: The 7 Essentials to Being a Standout Entrepreneur, released in January of 2020, has been described as a book that should be read by everyone thinking of starting a business and by students of business of all ages”

Check out all of Donna’s books here.

5-Star Rating on Amazon

Latest Release


Wes Kowalchuk

CEO, Business Impact Coaching

“Just spent the evening at the CIBN Excalibur mastermind led by Donna Dahl. Stimulating discussion and some cool insights. Glad to be coached by her. Everyone needs to consider getting in the same room with Donna. She will make a difference in your life. She will empower you to be the best version of you that you can possibly be. Thank you, Donna.”

Donna p dahl’s pinnacle achievements

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Named to the Worldwide TOP 20 list of Empowerment Coaches for 2022 by COACHFOUNDATION.COM

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Recipient of the 100th Anniversary International Women’s Day Award for Outstanding Service to Business and awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

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Women of Inspiration Award for Lifetime Achievement

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Signature “Stuck to Start” Empowerment Coaching

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Chair of the Women of Inspiration Awards Selection Committee for 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023

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Mentor to the Peer Mediation and Skills Training Organization

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