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Donna Dahl, empowerment coach and writer, books offer practical, easy-to-follow tips for personal growth and basic self-help business tools.

Donna P Dahl has been recognized with numerous awards for her work as an empowerment coach including being named one of Canada’s Top 100 Professionals in 2020.   Most Popular Donna Dahl Books


I learned from the


Reflections on speed, tenacity and competition in life and business

What influences how you race? What tests your Tenacity? What distracts you from your goal?

Lessons I learned from the Tortoise by Donna Dahl, empowerment writer, is a book packed with anecdotes related to tenacity, courage, attitude, multi-tasking and much more.

*The paperback edition is available in Canada and the Continental USA



Entrepreneurship and Leadership go hand in hand. As an entrepreneur, leadership may not happen overnight but setting your sights on factors like bigger, greater, and better with integrity and a demonstrated commitment to serving your public can bring the results you want. Join Albert as he begins his journey into the world of being an independent entrepreneur.


Marketing your business in less than thirty-seconds

When it comes to taking your business to trade shows, how does your visitor self-qualify? How does your visitor decide to step into your booth? Time is a factor. Your visitor sizes up your display in mere seconds. Will they stop or will they walk?

Eliminate the guesswork. In this self-improvement book by Donna Dahl, you will learn easy-to-follow trade show basics like how to help visitors self-qualify and how to sustain your energy throughout the show.

Demystifying Marketing

Bridging the Gap Between You

and Your Customer

This book contains 40 Marketing Focus Points designed to take your marketing program from “Stuck to Start”™. Start each day with just one. Start each week with just one.

Bride the Gap. Let this book become your personal resource for creating your own unique marketing program, training manual for your sales team, strategy-builder for your overall marketing plan.

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