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Donna as Book Shepherd, Editor and Author has worked with authors whose expertise spans a wide variety of audiences. As an Empowerment Coach she listens, reflects, guides, makes suggestions and provides a safe and non-judgmental environment. With her, your sky has no limit.

Featuring Donna Dahl as empowerment coach, Book Shepherd, Editor and Author

Donna’s personal attention to detail in all aspects of manuscript development and follow-up focus on you, the author, and your valuable message as you write your book. Her expertise as an Empowerment Coach helps to clear challenges and hurdles throughout the writing process. 

“Donna is the best book shepherd you could ask for. She herded my hen scratch notes into my masterpiece, Cowboys, Broncs and Rattlesnakes. Her attention to the smallest details and making sure that my Uncle Dick’s unique cowboy lingo was consistant throughout the book were invaluable to me. Thank you, Donna.” ~Lauretta Stevens

A Few Of Donna’s Book Shepherd Clients

Some of These Authors Have Achieved Amazon Best Seller Status

Dr. Suhayya (Sue) Abu-Hakima has successfully exited two AI start-ups. This is her story. 

What a joy it was to edit Rylo’s book. Reviews on Amazon describe the book as enjoyable…a great read with interesting characters and a story that does not let you put the book down. 

Very well written. Quite the adventure. This is not surprising considering the five-star ranking of the book. Ranked #127 in Mythological Storytelling on the day of this writing.

Women of Inspiration: Women Driving Change published by Monica Kretschmer was released in the fall of 2021. Donna is pleased to have been chosen to develop and edit the profiles of over 100 women who appear in the book.

Monica expressed her thanks when she wrote, “Thank you, Donna, for your dedication, commitment and belief in my vision and your care to raise the bar for all women to succeed, feel valued and leave a legacy. Words have power, leave a lasting impression and have the ability to inspire people to take action on their own dreams.”

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Your Emergence from Leadership to Heartship by Betty Carew was released in the spring of 2021. This book is a window into the world of safety management while on a deep-water drilling rig. Betty recognizes Donna with these words: “Your support and guidance as a Book Shepherd…helped me to navigate one of my life’s greatest adventures.”

In addition, some of the books that Donna has shepherded and/or edited are:

Day Walker and Day Walker 2, a science fiction series written by Richard Patterson.

Cowboys, Broncs and Rattlesnakes by Lauretta Stevens, a historical account of a true cowboy.

A Decluttered Life by Carolyn Christison, a non-fiction book released in 2022.

Albert. Albert is Donna Dahl’s nickname for her book, Empowering the Leader Within You: Seven Essentials to Being a Standout Entrepreneur. Albert shares his journey to entrepreneurship as a homesteader and his story is woven into the 21st Century world of building a business.

Spotlighting Donna’s Work – A Few of the Interviews

Christopher Kai

Christopher Kai, the world’s leading authority in story-based leadership, is seen here in conversation with Donna Dahl as she discusses her role as a Book Shepherd and the impact it has on authors who choose to work with her.

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Jim Masters

Jim Masters – award-winning TV, & radio personality –  explores the role of an empowerment coach with Donna and digs into how her expertise supports you when she shepherds you toward becoming an author.

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Tony Richards

Tony Richards interviews award-winning empowerment coach, Donna Dahl. Donna shares her journey to overcome the setbacks she encountered after an automobile accident as well as her many books and accomplishments.

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Monica Kretschmer

Donna shares her back story as a Woman of Inspiration honoured for her coaching and her influence as she is interviewed by Monica Kretschmer, Founder and CEO of the Universal Womens Network.

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