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Is your bio tired and worn out?

Is it the same old, same old?

If you needed to give someone your bio to read before you gave your presentation, would it be ready to go?


Do you wish that someone else would write

your bio for you? Read on…


Have Your Bio Written For You!

There are so many times when a professional bio or pieces from it come in handy.

  • Introductions
  • Elevator Pitches
  • Profiles on Social Media
  • Bios at the end of blog articles
  • Your About the Author page in a book


“I have a knack for writing professional Bios. I take your information as though each piece was an ingredient in a gourmet recipe and I do my best to effectively combine those pieces into a delicious and unique presentation about you. Another way of looking at your bio is to imagine new paint being applied to a previously used canvas. Let’s renew your bio.”

                             ~ Donna P. Dahl

Donna P dahl, B.Ed., m.ed.

Master Empowerment Coach &
Manuscript Developer

Most of Donna’s work happens behind the
scenes as she coaches writers to become
authors and leaders to inspire others. Those
who have experienced her work have
referred to her as a coach’s coach, thought
leader, book shepherd, and paradigm shifter.
Donna is an award-winning Woman of
Inspiration and was recently featured in The Top 100 Magazine in recognition of her empowerment coaching and writing among other achievements.

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Why choose Donna? Donna Dahl is:

  • An award-winning Empowerment Coach.
  • An experienced self-published author, who also happens to be an experienced journalist and an accomplished developmental editor.
  • A recognized long-standing entrepreneur who knows the difference between succumbing to fear and taking action by design.

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The Renewal of Your Executive Bio

Developed with a VIP Touch 

Sometimes all it takes is for one person to extend a hand
and suddenly life changes.”

Here is what you will get:

A professional bio written especially for you for as little as $100 based on the information you provide in a questionnaire supplied to you. Your choice of a 300-word or 500-word bio.

Please allow 10 business days for completion of your draft. For more information book an appointment with Donna.

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Donna is a superbly gifted writer and possesses an
ability to craft a story for her clients that I've
seldom seen elsewhere. We worked together on
creating an extended bio for a business I'm
working on, and even though my story and
journey has been a bit unorthodox, she was more
than capable of capturing the essence of the story
in a way that was full of flavor but also concise
enough for the purposes needed. I would
definitely recommend working with her.
Product Analyst | Gartner | Duke University

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You will always think you are good, until you
know what it is to be great – such was the case
when I worked with Donna and her clear
expertise in crafting my extended biography. A
pleasure in both conversation and in reading her
work, I cannot fully express my gratitude for the
opportunity to work with Ms. Donna Dahl. Truly
an inspiring soul, to label her as “empowering” is
an understatement!