Hear From Clients: Donna Dahl’s Coaching Impact

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Donna Dahl is one of “THE” wisest, most inspiring and impactful visionaries who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Her deep insight into human nature make her a powerful force of change on this planet. We need her. And people like her, to take up the mantle of leadership at even deeper and more progressive levels. Donna lives life like she means it and whatever it is you’re wanting to accomplish, you will count yourself fortunate to have found her. This visionary packs a punch, and you will love her wit, fire, humour, direct approach and compassion that support your next level of growth.

Cheryl Brewster

Business Intuitive and Speaker

Testimonals Written from the heart

Written from the heart. In gratitude. From people Donna has served. Testimonials for Donna Dahl’s work as a coach, as a leader, a speaker and a writer continue to stimulate her enthusiasm for contributing to the growth of her clients. These endorsements are just samples of the many Donna has received since the launch of her practice more than fifteen years ago. You will note that:

• She is skilled and adept at personal empowerment coaching, building self-esteem and confidence, goal setting and accountability

• She has a talent for developing leadership and communication skills in a natural and comfortable way while mindset coaching for
positive change.

• Some have found her work beneficial in overcoming limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Others have found her work to offer assistance in finding purpose and direction in life.

• Whether your goals are personal or work-related matters not. Donna Dahl adapts her proven system to meet your individual targets.
She models what she advocates.

Whether you hire Donna Dahl to be your empowerment coach, your manuscript coach or your inspirational speaker, she has built a reputation for challenging change. For more recommendations of her work, check her LinkedIn profile.

Donna has extensive expertise and experience across multiple areas

“In my first conversation with Donna she shared an insight that made me think “I can’t afford NOT to hire her!” I did, and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Donna has extensive and deep expertise and experience across multiple areas, and her intuition is spot on.  With her gentle and caring approach to our sessions, she met me exactly where I was each time and guided me to decisions that were aligned with what I really wanted and who I was created to be.

Each session was energizing, inspiring, and empowering. After completing my final session I knew I was ready for whatever was next, and that I would be moving forward with more ease, confidence, and resolve. I have no doubt I will ask her for a “Donna Fix” when I need it in the future. If you want someone to help you see your true self and offer guidance that is unique to you in your life, I cannot recommend Donna Dahl highly enough. Thank you, Donna!”

Helen Moses, Voice and Communication Coach

Well Worth The money

“Your questions, suggestions and affirmations were encouraging, practical and meaningful.  I’ve read over the
material several times and realize the suggestions are pregnant with ideas that will help me in numerous ways
in my upcoming business-related events.  I felt my time spent with you was well worth the effort and the
money I spent.  Thank you again for your professionalism, insight and valuable advice.  I can hardly wait to put
it into practice.”

Annette Stanwyck,
Freedom Facilitator and Author of
Forgiveness: The Mystery and the Miracle

Novel and Engaging Prespective

“Empowering the Leader Within You uniquely combines the author’s experiences, theory, and fiction. Unlike existing entrepreneur books that blend theory and practice, Dahl’s fictional character adds a novel and engaging perspective. Although the book’s leadership and entrepreneurial principles are well-established, the story of Albert offers a unique context for comprehension and application.”

Grant A. Wilson, PhD

Department of Management Marketing
Rowan Center for Innovation Entrepreneurship Fellow
Edwards School of Business | University of Saskatchewan



Two Consecutive Record Months

“After a single one-hour session with my staff last thing on a Friday afternoon, I can proudly tell you that
have had two consecutive record months!!!!! I have now hired salespeople who are able to handle English, Spanish, Italian and French clients!!!!”

M. Ravenhill,
CEO, Lloydshare Limited Incorporated

Building a Vision Built to Last: The Workshop

We credit our progress to your workshop, Building a Vision Built to Last, and the wonderful way you have of bringing us together and helping us to devise our path for the future. As always, your knowledge and guidance has brought this Board up to the high standards we expect.

We are so pleased with the new board members, with their expertise, skills, energy and willingness to pitch in and get things done. We do ask a lot of our board members as we do not spend funds on administrative duties – that is all handled by our Board members, so that our funds can go directly into developing and providing top-notch programs in support of positive communication skills training for our youth, their families and communities.

Thanks again Donna for your wisdom and certainly your ongoing support of our organization which has been invaluable in helping us to find our way.

Brenda Christie
Peer Mediation And Skills Training