Donna P Dahl, M. Ed, started her writing
career using a pencil and paper. When
the technology advanced to computers,
her keyboarding skills graduated from
hunt and peck to occasional gusts of 30
to 50 words per minute—not that anyone
was ever keeping track.

That Field Trip
Donna’s voyage into becoming a writer began with a field trip of
sorts she made with her dad. When she was about nine years old, he
took her to see how a newspaper was produced using an old-style
press. She watched as the printer needed to assemble words by
placing the letters one at a time inside the template that formed the
columns on the page. It could take a day or more to set an entire
page. She was fascinated.

The connection between the field trip that day and her own writing
came with a wakeup call when her English professor rewarded her
use of comma splice with an F on her paper. She vowed that would
never happen again. Her oral examination committee had her revise
only three sentences in her 169-page master’s thesis. Since then, she
has spent periodic spurts writing 1001 words a day when on a mission
to complete a manuscript for a book. Donna is now the author of six

books and numerous magazine articles published over nearly two
decades. She is an accomplished book shepherd and an award-
winning master empowerment coach. She is considered a thought
leader and she is on a mission to keep writing.

Growing up Entrepreneur-Minded
Donna grew up in an entrepreneurial household and through that
gained decades of personal experience learning at the feet of the
man she refers to as a master. It’s her entrepreneurial spirit that has
inspired her to write for the entrepreneurial mindset. It’s her
experience being mentored by her father that guides her as she
shepherds writers to author their own books. Several have achieved
best seller status or taken first place in sales in their category. Some
are award winners themselves.

Her Work has Strong Foundation and Recognition
Donna is about neuroscience and leadership. She is about outcomes.
She is about advocating for voice and space. She is internationally
recognized in the realm of empowering others. Her successful work
with staffs, boards, management teams, solopreneurs and members
of the corporate C-suite speak to her ability to apply her craft with
broad brush strokes and yet pinpointed relevance.

Donna as an Executive Coach 1-on-1 and with Audiences
Donna P. Dahl is a speaker, keynote, seminar leader and trainer who utilizes a
next-generation individualized implementation process founded in
neuroscience. Her audiences include leaders, decision-makers, teams, CEOs

and entrepreneurs around the world who are ready to move from stuck to
start in as little as 90 minutes in this new era where so many are unsure of
how to gain traction in their role. Her book, Lessons I Learned from the Tortoise
available on Amazon, is a testament to her mission to empower her readers. It
is her intention to serve up food for thought . . . whether your preferred pace is
fast or slow . . . whether you prefer innovation or the status quo . . . whether
you are sensitive or objective . . . whether you are spontaneous or analytical.
She welcomes you to explore her ideas, share your comments and invite her to the conversation.